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Hearing Aids

Schedule a hearing exam in Norton, VA at Mountain Empire Hearing & Balance if you suspect you have hearing loss and would like to look into available options for restoring your hearing. If someone in your family has repeatedly told you that you have a hearing problem, we can offer confirmation and assist you in choosing comfortable hearing aids that will positively impact your life. We are pleased to offer personalized care in a comfortable environment when you come in for an exam.

What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

You may not think you have a problem hearing- but others around you notice. Even mild hearing loss can make it difficult to communicate with friends, family members, and other people you encounter throughout your day. A few common symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • Speech that sounds muffled, or like the other person is mumbling
  • Constantly asking others to repeat what they are saying to you
  • Television or radio volumes that are too loud for others in the room
  • Difficulty hearing others on the phone
  • Increased uneasiness in social situations
  • Other people speaking too quickly

Do I Have to Live With Hearing Loss?

Most people with hearing loss can experience a dramatic improvement in their hearing through the use of hearing aids. You should know that hearing aid devices vary significantly in quality from product to product, so it’s important to work with a reputable hearing center that can access your needs and provide you with access to the best products being sold today. At Mountain Empire Hearing & Balance, our goal is to help you understand your options and select a hearing device that is perfect for meeting your needs. Your journey starts with a painless hearing exam in Norton, VA. Schedule a visit to our office at a time that is convenient for you.

Informative Hearing Tests

Not only is the hearing test process comfortable, but it can also provide information that will help you make an important decision if you’re experiencing hearing loss. Our comprehensive, diagnostic audiological evaluation will reveal the extent of hearing loss you’ve experienced and provide you with options that can improve your quality of life. Hearing aids and assisted hearing devices are available for all budgets- there may even be government assistance programs available to help you pay for the device, depending on your unique situation. Request an appointment through our website or by calling our office.

Affordable Hearing Exam in Norton, VA

It’s amazing how much a small investment can so significantly improve the lives of our clients at Mountain Empire Hearing & Balance. Whatever is keeping you from having your hearing tested, whether it’s due to the stigma of getting old or worrying about how you’ll look wearing a hearing aid, rest easy knowing there are virtually invisible devices available for all ages. Few things are more important that your hearing. What are you missing out on- the sound of your grandchildren’s laughter, the song of birds in the morning, or the voice of a friend on the phone?


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