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Hearing Aids

Has a friend or family member mentioned to you that you might be experiencing hearing loss? If you’re like a lot of our clients at Mountain Empire Hearing & Balance, you may be waiting until you have no other options before you schedule a hearing aid assessment in Norton to discover the extent of your hearing loss. Why wait? Hearing aids change lives every day, improve quality of life for millions of Americans, and make communication more enjoyable at home and in social situations. Our staff is here to make the process easy when you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of wearing a hearing assistance device.

What Does a Hearing Test Feel Like?

At Mountain Empire Hearing & Balance, our hearing aid assessment in Norton is entirely painless- and it can be very enlightening if you’re worried about losing your hearing. Our diagnostic audiological evaluation will map out your hearing loss with precision, so we can select the right hearing aid to meet your needs. If you worry about everything getting louder as the result of wearing a hearing aid, rest easy- today’s hearing aids don’t amplify sound- they improve the quality and clarity of the sounds you hear. Call our office to schedule a hearing test to begin your journey toward restoring your hearing.

Aren’t All Hearing Aids Alike?

On the contrary- there’s a significant difference in quality among hearing assistance devices. Finding a reputable hearing center is the first step in selecting a quality hearing aid that will not be a burden to your lifestyle. Today’s products offer the following benefits:

  • Rechargeable (no expensive batteries to replace)
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Invisible products available
  • Receive-in-canal devices
  • Single-sided hearing aids
  • Hearing amplifiers for very mild hearing loss
  • Tinnitus devices to stop ringing in the ears

Free Online Resources

We understand- losing your hearing can be a scary experience, and it can also feel like you’re aging before your time. Scheduling a hearing aid assessment in Norton is a private matter between you and our staff. We want to empower you to enjoy your life to the fullest; in fact, 9 out of 10 people report that their life improved as a direct result of owning a hearing aid. Continue to explore our website and take advantage of an online hearing test, our site’s hearing loss simulator, and our hearing aid finder tool. Don’t forget to check out our informative blog before you click out.

Hearing Tests Made Easy

If you’ve noticed other people mumbling, talking too fast, or not talking loud enough for you to hear them, you may have simply chalked it up to the younger generation’s inability to communicate clearly. However, these are all tell-tale signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss to some degree. A simple hearing aid assessment in Norton in our office can confirm the suspicions of you or a family member that something is not right with your hearing. Don’t wait- there are affordable options available that will improve your hearing immediately and give you back the quality of life you deserve.


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